BookingEE Smart Travel Portal is a B2B travel portal that allows travel agents, tourism companies, wholesalers and tour operators to find air tickets and hotels around the world at competitive prices through single interface with a single click. B2B login access offers an intelligent search engine that automatically calculates the best price from more than 55 million global data points by combining the operations of multiple GDSs and 69 point of sales to covering 750 National carries and +165 low cost carriers, Additionally easy access to book +503,000 hotels worldwide mix of static, dynamic, exclusive local DMC's, Chains and third party contracting across thousands of destinations around the world at competitive B2B rates available in real time.

Beside, B2B access offering private and shared airport transportation's from over than 26,000 world's major airports and also global sightseeing and excursion ticket reservation.

This method requires connecting using an username and a password by cutting edge technology and superior customer support to the Bookingee platform to access the available services. Regardless of product type or how you choose to work with us, the reservations are placed online in real time .

Diversified Product Service Standards

Offering clear and diversified product and service standards to meet your individual requirements. We clearly identify issuing times for the requested product, response times for rescheduling, and the corresponding minimum price. You can combine the travel requirements, select the product, the most affordable or with the fastest responsive service, and then complete the booking. In this way, you will gain time and money by maximizing your human resources potential, that will be measured in the profit of your company.

Fast, Reliable and Complete Solutions

We provide complete solutions for pricing, booking and after-sales services. If clients are unable to board their flights, check in to their hotels, or experience other unforeseen circumstances, we will quickly resolve the problem and provide consistent service to customers.

User-Friendly Interface

BookingEE professional design team strives to improve your way of working. By using clear typeface, sizing and spacing, the design of the interface improves the way you work to increase efficiency. The platform admin panel helping you easily to manage your company user's, sub agencies, user roles, mark up your selling services and hide the pricing details from your vouchers. You can also upload your company details and logo for your issued vouchers.

No longer need the IATA certification to issue the flight tickets.

The BookingEE Portal displaying low-cost flights such as Easyjet, Vueling, RyanAir, Airasia, BlueAir and national carrier flights such as Emirates, Lufthansa, Airfrance, American airlines, British Airways and etc.

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