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Common Question when using Bookingee front system and backend admin panel.
The list of Frequently Asked Questions has been organized into several categories. Please click a category below to view the questions and answers for that category.

By subscription to Bookingee newsletter you will be receiving all special offers, vouchers and promotions every month.

Customers can subscribe to Bookingee newsletter in two ways.

  • Using subscription form at footer


  • All agents will be subscribed to Bookingee newsletter automatically

Agent subscription

Using Bookingee as your travel engine provider or supplier, helps you to from your sell volume and gain your customers’ satisfaction.
We name some of our Bookingee advantages and that’s why it made us The ONE.

  • 24/7 Customer Service and support team
  • Compatible rates
  • Mobile and user friendly system
  • Multi Lingual and Multi Currency
  • Double confirming all bookings with hotels
  • Solve all cases and issues in minimum time
  • Special offers with most of Hotels
  • Connected to Hotels, Channel Managers, Local DMCs, Wholesalers
  • All in one Flight, Hotel, Holiday, Transfer & Sightseeing Reservation System
  • Providing 100% customizable B2B and B2C systems

search engine

Client will get all in one, as below list.

Flight Reservation System


Hotel Reservation System


Transfer Reservation System


Sightseeing Reservation System



Optional services: Extranet, Financial App, …

IATA is considered to be one of the most basic resources for a travel agent because most airline bookings are done through the IATA portal.
All travel agents who do so are known as nonIATA/independent travel agents. These agents either purchase tickets from other IATA travel agencies or from the airline.


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There are 3 registration forms in website

Client Partners All agencies who want B2B login access, Affiliate Program (White Label), XML/API Integration
Local Partners Local partners (General Sales Agent – GSA) in the specific countries to promote Bookingee product to the local travel agencies.
Hotel Partners For Hotel, Hotel Apartment, Hustle and Resort owners, who want to submit and promote their property in Bookingee reservation system


After the client submitted his registration form.

Bookingee Support Team

All details will be reviewed by support team and  login access will be sent in less than 24 Hours, or if Support needs more information from client , Second inquiry will be sent

Client needs to fill out the secondary form and reply it back. The credential will be sent if agent is qualified.

Register Online

Bookingee Support Team

All details will be reviewed by support team and  login access will be sent in less than 24 Hours, or if Support needs more information from client , Second inquiry will be sent

Agent has the login Access

It is the DEMO version of booking system Agent needs to active its account by sending an email to

How to login?

how to login

Bookingee Accounting Team

The live access link will be sent to client.
Agent needs to chose the top-up credit method.
Contract will be prepared based on agent preferred payment option.

Submit button will be enable once the client accept the system’s T&Cs and Subscription opt-in policy.


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All B2B agents can add their own Logo for all tickets & Hotels’ voucher.

 Admin Panel / B2B Agencies List / Logo image 

agent logo

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Agents may change their details by clicking on the COG icon on the top right on page

control panel

Information: Footer Address, Footer Email, Footer Phone, Emergency Contact
Their Social network address: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Notification messages: B2C Client Notification Message, B2C Client Voucher Message
Titles: Page Title, Page Middle Desc




Agency detail


To change your receiving email once you make the reservation , you need to request from our support department by sending and email to

You are able to change your Sub-Agency full details from your control panel

b2b agency


edit sub agency

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